The Owner and Renter appearing in this agreement together are also referred to as Parties.


The expressions used in this agreement, namely, the Owner, Renter, Car shall mean:

The Owner? Anna Gęca Rents the car and gives it to use in their own name.

Renter? The company or a person that takes the car/vehicle in their own name.

The vehicle? The car which is the subject of the agreement.

§2 The subject of the agreement.

The subject of the agreement (subject of renting) is a car whose specification is included in the Delivery and Acceptance Protocol.

All vehicles are equipped with rugs, fire extinguishers and a warning triangle.

§3 Statement of the Renter

The Renter guarantees that:

1. The information provided by him/her is true

2. He/she has full legal capacity

3. He/she has the necessary permissions for driving a vehicle

4. There are no legal proceedings pending against him/her that could lead to the depravation of his/her driving licence for motor vehicles.

§4 Term of agreement

1.The agreement shall be concluded for a specified period.

2.The Renter is obliged to return the vehicle on the day and time specified in the agreement.

3. The duration of the rental term may be extended only with the prior consent of the Owner, by sending a request by an email to: or in writing upon the prior acceptance of Rental Company.

4.In the absence of the untimely return of the vehicle the Renter undertakes to pay a fixed remuneration for each started day at the triple daily gross rate for each started day of the delay.

§5 Price

1. The Parties establish a price for the car rental.

2. The Owner collects a security deposit in a fixed amount.

3. The payment for the rental of the vehicle shall take place on the day of the vehicle’s collection.

4. A VAT invoice or receipt shall be delivered by mail or at the moment the vehicle is returned.

5. In specific cases, the parties may establish other rules and terms of payment.

§6 The scope of insurance

1. The Owner shall cover the costs of vehicle insurance in terms of [OC] third-party liability and [AC] comprehensive insurance in a full scope.

2. In the event of a theft of the vehicle, the insurer shall cover the costs provided that the Renter is in possession of the keys and of the registration certificate of the vehicle.

3. Any loss not covered by the OC [third-party liability], AC [comprehensive] insurance policies resulting from the theft of the property left in the vehicle shall be covered by the Renter.

4. The AC [comprehensive] Insurance works only in the case of paid rental.

5. The Owner pays for the periodic inspections during the rental period. For this purpose, the Renter shall deliver the vehicle under the provided address of the diagnostic or an authorized service station.

6. The Renter shall pay the other running costs (fuel, operating fluids, light bulbs, parking fees, motorway tolls, etc.) associated with the operation of the vehicle and traffic fines during the rental period.

7. The Renter bears full responsibility also in a situation when the insurer decides not to cover the full costs of the repair when the claim had been rejected and, in particular, when the vehicle driver was intoxicated.

§7The Pick-up of the subject of the rental agreement

1. The Renter picks-up the vehicle described in the Protocol. The car at the time of the receipt is in a good condition which is confirmed by the Acceptance Protocol.

2. The landlord confirms that the vehicle provided to the Renter for operation is complete and ready for use. It is safe, in good condition and free from any damage.

3. Condition of the vehicle on the day of its collection shall be confirmed by the Acceptance Protocol.

§8 Obligations of the Renter

The Renter undertakes to:

1. Use the vehicle in accordance with its intended purpose.

2. Use the rented vehicle in the territory of Poland.

3. Drive the car in person.

4. Not to make any changes in the vehicle.

5. Not to make any repairs on his/her own and in the event of a failure he/she undertakes to notify the Owner at the following telephone number 503-502-642.

6. In the event of damage or destruction of the car to pay the Owner a reasonable compensation.

7. In the event of the situation when the rented vehicle gets damaged, he/she undertakes to inform the local police station with a view to drawing up the relevant Protocol regarding the circumstances of the event. In such a case, the Renter shall promptly notify the Owner about the event and provide him with all information about the circumstances and witnesses of the event.

8. Refrain from smoking inside the vehicle at all times while driving.

9. Not to drive a car under the influence of alcohol, medicines, drugs and other substances substance affecting your reactions.

10. Not to carry items that can destroy or considerably soil the interior of the vehicle.10. Not to carry items that can destroy or considerably soil the interior of the vehicle.

11. The subject of the rental agreement, without the prior written consent of Owner, may not be subject to lending or sub-leasing (see ADDITIONAL COSTS).

The Renter does not have the right without the written consent of the Owner to use the rental vehicle in competitions, rallies or other sporting events. The Owner is not liable for the infringement of the road traffic regulations and the penalties imposed on the Renter during the use of the vehicle.

§9 Return of the subject of the rental agreement

1. The Renter shall return the car without deterioration together with all the documents which were handed over together with the vehicle.

2. The Renter shall refill the tank of the vehicle to the full or he/she shall be charged in accordance with § 11 Additional Costs.

3. In the case when the car is returned dirty or the thorough inspection of the car is not possible due to prevailing conditions, the Renter of the car agrees that the Owner draws up the car acceptance protocol without the presence of the Renter.

4. If the returned vehicle is damaged or its condition does not respond to its normal use, the Renter shall pay the Owner a compensation (see ADDITIONAL COSTS)

§10 Termination of the agreement

The Owner may terminate this agreement without notice if:

1. The Renter uses the subject matter of the rental agreement in a manner inconsistent with its intended purpose.

2. The breach by the Renter of the provisions of this agreement.

3. Failure of the Renter to pay the price by the deadline agreed by the parties.

The parties may terminate this agreement by mutual consent.

§11 Additional costs

The Renter undertakes to cover the additional costs and contractual penalties, and also agrees to their set off against the deposit as an advance payment of the additional costs:

1. Return of the dirty vehicle from the outside ? 20 PLN

2. Return of a dirty vehicle from the inside? PLN 40 (vehicle which needs washing of the upholstery PLN 200)

3. Return of the vehicle with less fuel? The cost of the fuel increased by PLN 20 of handling fee.

4. Losing keys, remote control or a service book? ASO  price + 200 pln each

5. Losing the registration certificate, proof of insurance? PLN 300 each

6. Failure to comply with the ban on smoking inside the car? PLN 500

7. Intentional or negligent damage to the rented vehicle? PLN 300, and compensation for the repair of the damage.

8.Taking over or changing the parts and equipment of the vehicle? PLN 500 and a compensation for missing parts or changes

9. Towing another vehicle? PLN 300

10. Using the vehicle not in accordance with its intended purpose or for the purpose of sports? PLN 1000 and a trip abroad without the consent of the Owner? PLN 400

11. Making the data available to public authorities? PLN 130 (e.g. speeding-speed camera).

12. Damage to the vehicle? PLN 1500 (passenger), PLN 2500 (van) for any damage and 50% of the cost of parking (repair time)

13. The loss of the manufacturer’s warranty due to the fault of the Renter? PLN 2500

14. Lending or subleasing the car to a third party? PLN 1000

15. Failure to collect the car or cancellation of the reservation less than 12 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up of the car may result in charging the client with the amount of PLN 300

§12 Return of the rental item

1. In matters not covered by this agreement the provisions of the civil code shall apply.

2. This agreement is drawn up in two identical copies, one for each party.

3. Any disputes that may arise in connection with this agreement, shall be settled amicably by the parties, and in the case of disagreements shall be settled by the court competent for the Owner.

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